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It’s been 4 years since Zehnder has released a new recording.

Then, a conference this summer at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico based it’s theme on one of the new songs the band had written, “Bring It On.”

And the Spirit indeed blew powerfully among all gathered- so, Zehnder now offers this song in honor of all the breakthroughs, the laughter, the healing and lasting connections.

Work well done.

Inspired by the writings of Ched Myers, the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the social justice work by indigenous people of Australia, the song had a roaring response.

Produced by Zehnder (engineered by Tom) this recording reflects the band’s interest in a raw immediacy to the sound: real drums, 1 bass, 1 guitar, vocals in the face, with just a few extra vocals and fx sprinkled in- much like the raw beauty of that Northern New Mexico landscape that Zehnder has come to love.

The ancient concept of Jubilee factors strongly in this piece- it’s the idea that every 50 years, all land (wealth) would be redistributed back to the original owners and all debt be cancelled. It’s a crazy-challenging word with which to wrestle, but worth the struggle to interpret for our modern context. The band found it quite appropriate that such a song was “forged among” (or at least sung a bunch by) conference goers right near the U.S. Independence Day celebrations; and that now, the single release date coincides with Labor Day.

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