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LYFE’s Adventure

Posted in Music, News, Show by Tim

“Finding a place so local, and so in line with our own values was simply delicious!,” says Tim Gibbs Zehnder, singer and bassist, about the band’s recent series of Saturday night appearances at LYFE Kitchen in Culver City, CA. For the past few months, the trio version of the band

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Kindred Spirits in Tucson

Posted in Music, News, Show by Jim Rispin

“To commune with the folks in Tucson, was exhilerating!” says Tim Gibbs Zehnder. Over the first weekend in April, Tucson Borderlands YAV (Young Adult Volunteers) celebrated their 10th anniversary with a variety of events including a Gala Dinner Celebration where Zehnder finished out the program – all generations were up

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Zehnder Interviewed by Mix Magazine

Posted in Fans, Music, News by Jim Rispin

In the July Issue, look for them in Mix’s Music Section “News and Notes.” The¬†brothers share a bit of their approach to their latest recording, NOW.¬†Extended excerpts will be available online later in the month.


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