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During the week preceding and including the 4th of July, Zehnder has been invited once again to join the adventure that is Family Week at one of this planet’s breathtakingly “thin” places: Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. Back for the 7th year running, the brothers teach a class they call “Making Music as Families,” help lead worship music throughout the week and perform a ranch-wide “Americana” concert.

1407 Ghost Ranch 5x4

“We are quite excited this year, for the first time, we’re able to bring out our drummer, Mike Boggio- he makes such a dramatic contribution!” says singer/bassist Tim Gibbs Zehnder.

Every year, among the different forms of game song, song-writing support and group singing conducted in their class, the brothers also workshop participants through a “Stomp”-like rhythm routine that the class creates and presents at the end of the week. “And this year,” adds guitarist (and handyman) Tom Zehnder, “I’m grateful to the resourceful Ghost Ranch Volunteer Core for helping us produce custom durable Bachi sticks!” Pictured here is Tom’s sample pair he created.

stomp sticks

Find out more about Family Week by visiting: 

And once there, be sure to check out the huge variety of programs the Ranch offers year round.


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