Justice Jam

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©2008 Tim Gibbs Zehnder, Tom Zehnder, Chris Henrikson, Keith Jones and Chenjerai Kumanyika

Let justice roll down, come on!
Oo, Let justice roll down – like an ever flowing stream!

For justice I bust this flow for free
Used to be blind but now I see
Through the eyes of the elders who came before me
Like Malcolm and Martin and I can’t forget Mahatma Gandhi
Take a knee, homey / Hug an old bodhi tree
Realize how to be revolutionary
Destiny is divine when aligned with the truth
That resides deep inside that g-ride of my youth
Now I got proof of insurance and a photo ID
But I choose to tell time by Mayan prophecy – Oo, Let justice roll down…

No justice no peace / Keeps the streets violent
Keeps people high off hate and hella dyin’
I’m tryin’ to rebuild the ’hood / And bring the crime rate back down again
So we can buy homes / Send our offspring off to colleges
Cause knowledge is power / Chase big dollars and pop collars
When it’s safe to leave our three-mile radius
To not get bothered, followed, beaten or clobbered
By police for being the wrong color
Not guilty, your honor, my post traumatic slave disorder
Got me thinking freedom is far-fetched like President Obama
Bring the drama, dear mama, if Pac’s the forefather, then I’m the Dalai Lama
Midnight bomber street rogue runner for universal peace
During L.A.’s summers no wonder our hood’s dehydrated
Now we can keep hatin’ or make plans to bring change
I’m far from Martin Luther King, but I can still dream
One day, some day, justice comin’ – Oo, Let justice roll down…

My flesh becomes justice / Every time I choose right
My blood’s a river of light / To fill up the night
Too many people think that justice / Is killing for spite
I just hug ’em / Long as we loving / Dawg, we still in the fight
In these times when lies look strong / And the truth looks weak
I gotta rhyme the truth when I speak / And groove to the beat
How can I pray for peace / If I’m refusing to seek?
I wanna pray with my deeds / So I’m moving my feet
To the battlefield, to body, where destruction is screaming
I hear talking at the party, not enough believing
And yes, I gotta keep stepping where the earth is bleeding
I got my choices as my weapons, and I’m murking my demons, come on – Oo, Let justice roll down…

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